The Step Beyond the Pattern

Humans are always moving between:
The incessant need to identify Patterns

The simultaneous will to escape from Patterns

On one side, Patterns Identification makes human life possible:
in Medicines, in Engineering, in Poetry.

On the other side, Patterns get easily solidified and distance humans from their (terrible/wonderful) Raw Presence.
Here and now.

Knowledge defined by Patterns is always one step behind the Raw Presence.
Potentially, each new instant is a Mystery.

Humans desperately try to find a balance between:
The absolutely essential patterns-defined knowledge they need to survive
The act of exceeding this same knowledge and effectively living their own presence, with the concrete goal of acting (in) the moving Momentum

Point is, there can’t be a proper balance.

On one hand, we have the rational refusal of evolution by: protecting ourselves in the stratified/aggregated/always-improved knowledge defined by Patterns.
On the other hand, we have something like a Pattern itself: the attractive Risk of always going one step into the Unknown, where Patterns can be a very strong statistical resource, but nothing more

The most impressive Art is not the Art of finding a balance between the two tendencies

The most impressive Art is/would/will be
The Art of Integrating/Unifying/Working/Reworking/Merging/Creating/Blending the two tendencies:

#The Knowledge defined by Patterns
#The Ability to experience the Constant Momentum